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Growing up in Texas, we always had dogs; usually strays that wandered in the yard. In 1980, my brother wanted a hunting companion and purchased the family’s first Golden Retriever, Max, and that was the beginning of my love for Goldens. My mother trained Max to his Obedience Championship (OTCH) while my brother continued to hunt with him. After Max, came 4 more Goldens with 2 of them earning their OTCH titles as well.

In 1996, as an adult with a family, I purchased MY first Golden, Alex. Alex was a wonderful family pet and lived to be 14 years old. Before Alex died, I purchased my second Golden, Fargo, from a reputable breeder and began my journey in the dog show world with obedience and rally. Fargo retired early as a conformation show dog, but he continues to be a loving family pet.

In 2010, Jack joined our family and he changed my world. I was able to finish Jack to his AKC championship and train him to several obedience, rally & field titles. Jack’s life was cut short by cancer but I will always be thankful for the time we had together and the life long friends I met because of him.

Through my participation in showing dogs, I met my mentor Patty Pace and purchased Sally. Sally has passed her health clearances and has earned several AKC and GRCA titles. I’ve learned so much from Patty and will be forever grateful for her 40+ years of knowledge, experience and love for this wonderful breed.

I have a passion for my dogs and am a member in good standing with the following clubs and rescues:

Sandpipers That's All Bright With Me JH CGC TKI WC, sally of lakebound goldens looking out at the lake